Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Why I painted this latest piece.

There was kind of mystery in Saint-Ex missing plane.

I liked to read Saint-Ex's spirit in the words of his book: Le Petit Prince, at French Language lessons.
I list it as my favourite book.

The piece "See the Sea" was done after reading the last news. The small planet is empty. Le Petit Prince moved to the bottom of the Mediterranean sea...

"See The Sea."
'London, Mar 17 : For decades people have been wondering whether French author Antoine de Saint-Exupery's death during World War II was caused by the enemy or suicide. The mystery has now been solved by a German fighter ace who claims to have shot him down and who, ironically, loved reading his books. Horst Rippert, 88, also admits that if he had know it was de Saint-Exupery in the plane, he would never have shot him down even though he was the enemy. "If I had known that it was him, I would never have fired." Times on line quoted him, as saying. "You can stop searching - I was the one who shot down Saint-Exupery." '

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Afriboy said...

Thank you to the friend who sent me interesting email about his personal knowledge of this.