Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur, l'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux."


Ingmar said...

The piece is charming. I enjoyed your use of at least six colors, from blue to russet to capture the luster and richness of skin tones. And once again the strong and beautiful soul is present. I felt a lot of warmth coming from the drawing.

It is good to see that your skill and control of your drawings has in no way been effected adversely by the horrific ordeal you have undergone and survived.

John Powers said...

I love this piece.

Not in anyway to contradict the observation "what is essential is invisible to the eye," but rather to come at it from a different perspective, I'm impressed how visual artist can awaken our heart sight.

How nice of you to leave a comment once at my blog, so then I come to hear what you say and see what you show.

Part of what makes your blog so interesting is your discussion of how Europeans made nakedness a shame, but also turned that shame into a secret erotic idea, compounding the injury.

The horror of torture is both the pain inflicted on the prisoner, and the delusion worked upon the torturer. When we destroy the humanity of another we also injure ourselves. What I've discovered from your blog is how your art is a way to reclaim our humanity.

It's a bit superficial for me to say about this piece that it doesn't seem outwardly erotic--superficial because you've shown how subtle eroticism really is. LOL but for a superficial guy, this piece allows me to focus on the inner life of the person in the picture, and thereby reflect on my inner life. To reflect how seldom I see with my heart, but at least to be shown that the heart is essential.

Afriboy said...

Ingmar. Yes, this is rich in colour. You say nicely what I think also is true.

John, yes, you are right. The erotic can be inside. The inner can be the source of the erotic. I say, like The Little Prince, that the heart can know what the mind and eyes might miss. My heart is my "eye". I like so much what you write. Thanks.