Saturday, August 01, 2009


When Orokie e-mailed me 3 week ago (see post below ), this is what he sent me :

There is a last piece, yes, unfinished, and now you know why, that I began early this year at trying to make a fine piece that you could show to visitors and family guests. A suitable-for-minors piece, in the likes and style of old illustrations that artist did in exchange of a small metal coin for their Vatican Masters or Kings. As with most of all that stuff, it may show some aggession, call it violence, that I hope would not damage any pure mind brought up in dear Western Culture, where the good always defeats the bad - in school books illustrations at least - Even unfinished, I hope you will enjoy it and put it on any decent wall at your home. Even in one bathroom, why not? We are always to visit that room a few times a day. And properly placed, it may even show out the strength of my A+ on the mirror while you shave.

This is not just coming like this. Saint George, the birthday of Orokie, the Good fighting the Bad.

Orokie was doubting if the good would always defeat the bad...

His friends tried to help his mind getting positive, because "Yes, You Can !!"

Gradually, strength came, and 3 days ago I got :

Thanks, Bonjour. I was dancing pencil for you. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bonjour.jpg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Na Waoooo !!

Orokie fights again !!

Yesterday morning, he had appointment with his doctors, and here are the latest news :

Ophthalmologist was very happy and accepted my thesis that he shall be strong in his spirit, trust himself as the best Ophthalmologist and start helping his patients and do his job superbly good, also to help me.

Damaged optic nerve goes degenerating badly
at slower speed than before and
slower speed than Ophthalmologist wrote during last visit.

I am gaining extra time by being positive and strong in my spirit with the help of my friends

Thanks to all

I am fine and positive

Be good
Stay well

So, we all hope that Orokie will soon be OK,

Stay well, be good

Mark / a friend of Orokie