Sunday, April 13, 2008


Artists sometimes like to play with traditions.
The results can often create humour, as well as shock.
This work is by Tony de Carlo who uses Mexican influences.
It shows the heterosexual world of Botticelli interpreted through a gay artist's eyes.
So, the Dance of Love becomes a Dance of Death.

This lastest painting by Orokie returns to Impressionism and Bacon.
The colour palette uses Cezanne's mediterranean blues.
The mercury figure dances in with tea and milk (ah, a typical Orokie joke!) as if he is a Matisse dancer.
And the two figures on the bed echo Bacon's style rather than any particular sexual painting (such as Two Figures, 1953).

The result is a naughty combination of wit and eroticism.
Nicely, the winged helmet of Hermes appears as a comment on the flight of orgasm.


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intelligent et drôle

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