Thursday, April 17, 2008

Double Horizon.

These words are taken from Orokie's cd rom of his art work:

Too often, yesterday, today, but not tomorrow, we have lived a double life with our private horizons concealed from the people we really love. So often our high-up has been lived on the down-low. The secrecy of it all fascinates the media-makers, not the pressures we live through and the difficulties we feel.
Too often, yesterday, we became the victims of power: were forced to live the fantasies of other men’s dreams. Too rarely, today, do we find empowerment: create an imagery that expresses our vision. Tomorrow, let us be something more than the past and enter the communities that mean the world to us.
Tomorrow, let my brothers not live through uncertainty. Permit them to come out from their closet of bushes and follow those facts that preserve their roots. AIDS is the shadow that haunts their bright blackness. Their isolation and ignorance are the wings of Izraili.


Anonymous said...

eloquent words

BronzeBuckaroo said...

Haunting and inspiring!