Sunday, July 26, 2009

Heart breaking news - Orokie deeply needs help

My name is Marc. Since ten years now, I am a friend of Orokie. 2 weeks ago, I received a mail from him. He told me the worst thing I could have ever imagined.
Orokie is badly needing our urgent help...

Let's first remember what happened :

In april 2006, Orokie went to Kenya to see his mother, who lives on an island of Lake Victoria. At that time, he disappeared, and during one and a half year we had no news from him.

A few days ago, here is how he explained me what happened :


"I went to greet my mama.
It was some years ago, I was in Kenya, and the transport bus was taken by thugs who had booked as passengers, they picked guns from their bags and told the driver to go off the road.
We ended up in a clear in a forest where more armed thugs were ready to get all of the valuables. They even used dogs (Police!) trained to sniff banknotes hidden in socks, mama's bra, underwear... and soon we were all naked.
Some thugs got the ladies aside...
Maybe my attitude was not humble enough so they beated me badly and wounded me with machetes....
Traditional healer first, and later, medical doctors helped me...
I spent many many weeks unable to walk... Some friends made a fund raising after me and I came back to Barcelona where Hospital surgeries and cares made a wonderful work and later I was again able to walk on my own feet.
But from time to time the insides complain and also both the wounds and surgery scars ache in certain days.

Since those days my right eye can not see."


End of 2007 he re-appeared, and during a few months life seemed to be good with him, till the time, after the elections, troubles arose in Kenya, where is mother, brothers and friends are living.

He was very worried, sent all the money he could get to help his family an friends, then, as always when he feels bad, disappeared again for several months.

At Christmas 2008, he wrote about his deep depression:


"The same as before yesterday. Nothing new. Just me plus papers and ink.

Mind was down down down after last year elections. Something is missing, like hope in the once much trusted politicians and leaders. That is why I keep a little small hope about my future.
Jobs are scarce and wanted by many in this period of economical struggle. Just twice I got the finals but was not elected for the post. Better people got the jobs.

Body is fine.
Physiotherapist did, does and will keep doing a great job all over my body."

When suffering bad breakdown, depressive shyness made me isolated from the outside world. Then, it was hard to make the first step".


End of February 2009, again, he disappeared.

Two weeks ago, he wrote me a message I would have preferred never to receive:


With me, thanks to the gods of Love, I keep struggling with my faulty physical health, yet alive, and (keep it secret), wonderfully able to produce sperm plenty the minute full moon appears on dark sky in the night.

Faulty physical health. It all is inside.

Some say because after being badly wounded that day by thugs, the good will doctors that were to help me, sadly, when it was quite late, they could not complete their aimed fair job, leaving potencial risks, yes, that now come and gone without previous notice.

Some say even my mind may be confused, never able to persist on the scheduled recovery plan.

Maybe. May be sometimes I have given up.

But now the gods of love call me back into struggle, and I fight my body for a higher level of decent health.

When tears flowed non stop, like waters from snowy mountain, I thought it was my spirit continually thanking you for your beautiful help (thanks merçi).

Tears kept flowing like waters from a snowy mountain, and Ophthalmologist did his plumber job, by clearing the obstructed drainage channels in my eyes by using what it seemed to me a thin peace of copper line from one computer cable.

That day Ophthalmologist went on proceeding with further checkings. He seemed to enjoy very much when he began using all of his Ophthalmological tools and artifacts on me.

Then to afterwards show me a picture on his computer flat screen. Wow! It lloked like a Nasa photograph of mighty Sun. So orange bright.
But it was my left eye.

- See? Optical nerve is very damaged.

- Glaucoma Horribilis?
(My late Baba suffered from Glaucoma Horribilis since early age).

- Not sure.There are not specific clues yet.
He did not mention any high level of inner pressure in that eye...

But on next check, Ophthalmologist confirmed my optical nerve was even worse than before.
He mentioned "sheer forces" as the cause of such a horrible deterioration of the optical nerve.

"Sheer forces". Not bad a theme to wonder about in the dark of the night.

Yet my path is clear. It is just a matter of a few weeks time.

I will be needing very soon either "une canne blanche et un chien formé (European Union), ou un garçon qui me guide de la main (Homeland)" (a white cane and a formed dog (European Union), or a boy who guides me by the hand (homeland)).

I am not able to dance ink on paper anymore.
Well, I have tried, but even me I can not understand, neither clearly see the traces.

It has been hard for me to accept Ophthalmoligist's veredict but I had to submit, after spending my last coins on Barcelona most fantabolous, fashionable and private ophthalmologic clinic.

So that in the end I behaved Western Culture boy using my remaining banknotes in search of hope.
But it showed as those lotteries where plenty of unsuccessful people keep spending their few coins.

Now that I am fine with me, peaceful again and ready to spend my last hours of dim light in whatever good actions I am able to do.

With me it is fine.
The only thing it is now my million shilling coins question: Would me see Victoria Lake Sunset again?

Well, it does not hurt me anymore.
I told you.
I have summited, surrended and am ready to face the neverending darkness of night even, oddly enough, when it is day time.

Cause Sun would warm me the same as before, be it under European Union social care or (my prayers) telling stories under a large tree at homeland, next market, entertaining people and also, as coins would be dropped from time to time in the metal tin by my feet, earning my maize, with the precious sound of solidarity singing loudly in my ears.
Maize that mama would cook for me whith immense love, and also, sometimes, may be adding a piece of fresh proteine from our lake or from her well kept poultry hens.

Please understand.
I had to wait for peaceness of mind before being able to talk to you, cause I wanted to tell in sweet mode, with love from my spirit singing these words."


Today news are not encouraging, and apparently his optical nerve is not improving.

We cannot abandon such a wonderful man, so brilliant and generous. Please help him.

We have put on-line on his site some drawings for sale, and you can make some donation too.

Please note that since 2008 the former blog's editor is no more in charge of this blog.

We seize this opportunity to thank him for the time he spent, and wish him good luck for his future.