Sunday, April 20, 2008

Homoerotic Museum.

Oberholster, Bravo, Simonson, McCarthy.

Andrej Koymasky and his lover, Matt Koymasky, have a big presence on the web. Andrej and Matt have an internet home about themselves and gay history. (This is in English, French and Italian). They also have The Homoerotic Museum which looks at gay art through time and space.

The Black male body does appear in this museum, but not greatly: that is the way of modern art. Though some famous paintings of the Black male form, by gay artists, do not appear in the Homoerotic museum, such as Philpot’s domestic portraits, in the UK, and Tchelitchew’s Black male study, in the USA, there are some fine examples by Bravo, McCarthy, Simonson and Oberholster. (Richard’s work, here, sadly, is the usual distasteful pornograpic view). Now, they have added 15 of my pictures, which makes me very happy, for now there is a room devoted to a Black gay artist that is all about Black male beauty. Thank you, for doing this, Andrej, and for your kind emails…and good luck with the future!


Grinder said...

Wow, I checked out the gallery and its really nice.
Great and comprehensive website. It's been bookmarked for the future reference.

Glad you got a spot in there. It is definitely deserving.

I love the piece 212 and 214

And, 201 and 207 has a cool color scheme.

Afriboy said...

Thanks, Grinder, glad you checked out the gallery...and really like Five Angels and Hot View. Sweet, honey thoughts to you.

c0nn3ction said...

Your art is simply amazing! Sooner or later I have to own some of it.

I will check your site to see more and also how to purchase some.

You are so talented!!!!!!!!

Afriboy said...

Hello, Connection, thanks for connecting-- thanks too for your kind words. More new work will appear on the blog soon.