Friday, March 21, 2008


Before Orokie was taken ill, he was working on a major painting called "Prayer". This work (sketch above) now seems prophetic. The latest news is that Orokie remains in hospital, following emergency surgery, and is likely to remain hospitalised for a few more weeks. Thanks to those readers who have left their hopes and prayers on this, Orokie's blog...Orokie believes in the power of heart-felt words to create vibrations and change for the better. To those, out of the 600 that have passed through this blog in the past two weeks, all who are close friends of Orokie say "Thanks" on his behalf. We all look towards Orokie's recovery and future works that enshrine his joy and spirit. To Orokie: blessings!


John Powers said...

Orokie's friend thank you so much for keeping us updated. It's very nice to have the news, even when the news is that recovery will take time. I send Orokie my thanks and good wishes.

Afriboy said...

Hello, John Powers, and thank you for your thoughts: news is hard to get, it filters through drop by drop.