Sunday, March 30, 2008

After the tempest.

Hope you are all well.

I am fine.
The day is good and sunny, only our clocks went forward in the night.
We must adapt our bodies to this new local time.
Also I hope I will soon adapt myself back to normal day life.

This Sunday, I feel somehow like a sailor after big storm washed his ship of sails, compass, maps and books.
May be I will need time before I dance my spirit again in good rhythm.

Be good,


gayuganda said...



Let the spirit dream

of the waters, of the lake, of muse...

you'll wake, refreshed, ready,

the dance to dance, even better

welcome back, O


Afriboy said...

I will, gug, and you relax too, get over your cold.

Rainbow Demon said...

Good to see you back - and well.


Belasco said...

Welcome back, Orokie! I had been away for a few days and just today checked your blog. I'm relieved you are doing better. You were truly missed!

Afriboy said...

Peace and thanks, RD.
Hello, Belasco, hello again.

Daudi said...

welcome back karibu tena nimefurahi sana kwa umesharudi. relieved and happy that your light will still shine and spread beauty, wisdom amongst us. may health, strength return to your body. we are honored again

Afriboy said...

daudi, your words honour you, and thank you for caring about me and my modest art.