Saturday, March 29, 2008

All is well.

Dear, John Powers, Belasco, Pure Cacao Joy, Daudi, Blackstone, Eshuneutics, Sirrond, Grinder and Anonymous... thank you for your kind words on my blog. Thank you to all those others who have kept me in their thoughts and kept my heartbeat within their own. At last, I have returned home. I am in my room once more. I am able to hold pencil and paint brush in my hands again.
The Ancestors say I still am not a man of theirs and so I am able to return to my work and life as it was before. Today, I have painted myself. A portrait. It is my way of saying: welcome back!


John Powers said...

Ah Orokie, so happy you are home. Recovering from surgery takes time. I wish you to get well soon, but to take heart for the time you need.

Thank you for your friends too. The Internet makes our connections visible. Knowing what has been going on has been valuable to me.

Your contribution Orokie to us all is a blessing. Take Joy.

gayuganda said...

Welcome back O,

great that you's back. Sing a song to me, let those clever fingers touch the canvas, and let the song start.


Afriboy said...

Thanks and thanks.

Grinder said...

Welcome Back Orokie.

Glad you're doing alright.
I missed your post while you were gone.

: )

Afriboy said...

Hi, thanks, G, and welcome back to psoting too.