Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Love of Art.

From Orokie to Plato! It is a great leap. But come, all my friends, let us sit down at a Banquet of Love and discuss the love that we all share and reflect on the myth of Plato: the dream of the androgyne. Let this be the beginning of a dialogue between us. Ah, it is said that we yearn for our other. But so often the Black Male has been the Other, that nightmare from Africa to be desired with fear. As the great angel of poetic and political vision, Essex Hemphill, once expressed it: the Black man is expected to walk with machismo. So, he drags his cock and balls like chains of slavery. He lives as a member without any membership. But he must belong. I show you my work and ask you to re-member wholly the beauty of the Black Male. We must keep faith with love and not be afraid. In these times of HIV and AIDS we must yearn still, but learn to love wisely. So often we talk of looking for Love. But in my work I show you that Love is here and we should allow Love to give us eyes to see. Let Love give us eyes to survey the tenderness and brotherhood in others, so that our tissues unite, become sweet and run with milk and honey.

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