Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Boy who Lost his Penis. 1

Formerly, my grandparents went into market places

where Obokano Minstrels or Nyatiti Minstrels,

always sang the songs we should ever remember…

that once upon a time,from the heart of Europe,

there came to this country of theirs,

a first young lady with strong chin and blonde hair;

and the young lady arrived, yes, yes ,yes,

to make her home among the acacia where lion roars.

It was there that young lady met her bridegroom,

a British man,

with goatee chin and powerful witchcraft

who tamed the savage in the savage lion

and (whom like an English poet)

tamed nature red in tooth and claw.

Until from a marriage without a child

There grew nyakumahinya.

That is:

human-love for-mother-earth-and-her-living-beings.

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grandmaster masese said...

this is great