Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Boy who Lost his Penis. 4.

One day in the morning, just near noon,

where twelve a.m. equals zero p.m.,

there she came

a second blonde lady,

with hair the colour of crispy ripe maize,

UK’s PM in expensive anaconda shoes on the red rolled carpet,

which twelve Museum employees kept unrolling for her:
protocol second class.

Whilst children sang:

-Is she coming to stay?
- Is she making her home among the wild acacias?
- Is she coming to meet her bridegroom?
- Would she live where lion roars?

But this iron lady with blonde tinted hairs

did not come with paints, and brushes, and easel

(though she did come to see the savage lions of Kenya).

She just walked her feet inside the Museum,

raised a fine smile for the welcoming crew of Curators,

White Collars, Directors, three Captains,

some from the Police crew, Firemen -- just in case!

And paraded upstairs on red carpet with label:

"Second Class Protocol,

Colour Red,

Length One mile,

Brush it clean afterwards".

Until her face turned the colour of the carpet.

And her eyes showed war…went killing the air around.

For there was Tsotso, herald, displaying his horn,

with parts not meant for polite political party:


BronzeBuckaroo said...

All this is really amazing and so wonderfully different. Reading from 1 to 4.

Happy New Year!!!

Afriboy said...

Hi, bronzebuckaroo. Sweet comment, thanks. Honey filled wishes to you for 2008. I like your blog, but could not comment and say so: can say it now!