Friday, February 22, 2008

Orokie's Picture Poll (See right).





Dear Readers of my blog, it fills me with joy to know so many like to view my work. Now, if it is alright, I would like to ask your help. I wonder what kinds of pictures are liked most, what styles of drawing attract. I have placed five pictures above. I would be full of joy if you would take time to vote for the style you like most. Then I might know which work sings most to my blog's friends, early, or middle or recent. I thank you for taking time and give you a wave of my paint brush in appreciation. Thanks, Orokie. You may vote for as many pictures as you like.


SirronD said...

I have a favorite, and I voted for it. But I think all of these should win. These are all very beautiful.

I hope that no matter which of these wins, that you continue to share all of your favorites with us.

Afriboy said...

Dear Sirrond, thank you for your vote and your help. I promise to go on sharing my different kinds of art with you. Sweet wishes, Orokie.

gayuganda said...

I vote all of them!


Afriboy said...

Gug, hi, you are such a fan of Orokie Artistic Football Club! :)

gayuganda said...

always have been, O, always will be.


Afriboy said...

Thank you, gug.

Grinder said...

Love them all.

Gotta go with #2 though.

Afriboy said...

Grinder, hello again. Yes, you liked Luo warrior. You appreciate the African spirit of things. Be fine.

Belasco said...

Hey there Orokie,
I'm partial to number 1 and 3, but they're all wonderful, I just haven't seen the technique that's used in number 1 much in your work and it's intriguing. Is it an oil painting or acrylic? and number 3 is really masterful (and I'm attracted to twin imagery)

Afriboy said...

Hey there, Belasco, this was a sweet surprise. #1 is early work, at a time when I was thinking Surrealism. It is computer work. Early technique from first Afriboy site. :)

Ingmar said...

About painting #1:

I wonder what made you come up with this fascinating interpretation of Giorgio de Chirico’s The Song Of Love painting that I have seen in the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan?

Your interpretation of this painting looks even better then the original one!