Saturday, February 09, 2008

Conversation with Orokie.

I: What would you say are the pitfalls when drawing?

Orokie: Knowing when a work is finished. It is my weakness. It is very hard for me to detect when to stop and when to step further.

I: That is a real challenge with art, not just painting, but with writing too. Too much interference and a work can be killed.

Orokie: I’d say over-cooked. Sometimes I would stop, fearing the wrong finish. I keep a number of drawings resting, that I would look at over a period of time, and see if the finish is clear in my mind. Then I apply what is needed.

I: Yes, I do that sometimes. With painting this is truer. I find with writing that if I leave work for long time then the impetus goes and I finish mechanically, without much heart.

Orokie: Can you imagine how many dustbins go filled of mine with wrongly over-finished drawings?

I: They are lucky dustbin men! Tell me, when you draw, do you use right-hand or left hand?There is a link between handedness and brain-function. I am just curious.

Orokie: I am right handed, but sometimes I use both hands to make art.

I: Ambidextrous.

Orokie: some drawings I do with left-hand alone.

I: Much like a footballer then…I know you play and like football a lot…you use all-round control. Do your drawings differ in the time they take?

Orokie: Some are quick.

I: Yes, I’ve seen those. An image sent to you and an hour later a painting comes back. You are faster than Basquiat!

Orokie: Some take 6 hours…and some more hours than I realise. Many hours. I am slower than I sometimes think. Here is an example of left-hand drawing...


BronzeBuckaroo said...

Left hand, right hand- all Orokie's work is perfection to me. Equating writing with drawing is so true.

When writing become mechanical is always the danger. Knowing when to stop and touch a work anymore takes a well developed instinct.

Afriboy said...

Thank you for reading the interview and taking the time to comment. That is always nice. Much liked, truly.