Saturday, December 08, 2007

Responsible desire.

"Culture dictates behaviour and behaviour decides the exposure to AIDS. At a time when visual culture is cheap and available everywhere, the makers of images have a great responsibility. For MSM the use of condoms is vital. The correct use of condoms prevents infection, the acquiring of a different strain of HIV and the transmission of damaging sexual infections. If a line might be drawn between erotic art and pornography that line would have to be related to responsibility. The availability of pornography in Africa, among adolescents, adults, and MSM, specifically, is not a safe situation: it encourages unsafe practices. Erotic art recognises the right of MSM to see visible, proud, human images of themselves. When men are visible and respect themselves and their behaviours, the spectre of AIDS loses its invisible line of surprise attack. Different cultures need different solutions and visual rites of protection. "



gayuganda said...


the picture says it all.

there are somethings that I can look at for hours. Your art is one of them. I love it.

For the subject matter, as well as the increadible beauty I see there. I am no painter, will never be one. But I love it.

The words?

you have written as I know you can, not as I love.

But thanks for sharing them.


Afriboy said...

Must a self only have one language to be loved?