Sunday, August 31, 2008

Closing of this blog.

Since this blog was opened in December 2007 many people have visited it. Approximately, 21, 000 have passed through Orokie's blogs; 66% of these, however, have selected to look at blogger. Some have been kind enough to leave comments, all of which have made valuable reading and shown the range of readers attracted by Orokie's art. Readers have come from 800 cities across the world. Thank you to all those people who took the time to view Orokie's art. Among the many, there are some who deserve special mention. These are the readers who come daily to Orokie's blog, sometimes more than twice a day, to read, or see if there is any news of Orokie. Sadly, there is no news of Orokie. I have tried to contact his so-called close friends, but they have been of no help whatsoever, more concerned with what Orokie might do for them (as an artist) than what they might do for him (as a human being). There seems little point in carrying on with this blog. I did ask for news of Orokie (on this blog) but there was not a single reply. I fail to believe that out of the many who come to this site no one knows what this silence means. The blog will stay open for the next 72 hours, then it will be deleted. Some older posts have been re-posted in their original place, to give a final, fuller view of Orokie's work.


social Entrepreneurship Africa said...


I feel sad that you have to close this blog.

You have done much to promote Orokie and made him so much loveable to strangers like me. You are a wonderful person.

I would not want to change your decision but I think that you could leave the blog to live on and assume a direction that it had already started. And when Orokie comes back he will be happy that the blog still lives on.

If at all it is really bad, this blog will be an awakening of something.

I cant imagine I have shed a tear imagining that this blog will be no more. I hope that Orokie is OK.

Kindly keep it alive for two more weeks. I just like it too much.



thegayte-keeper said...

wow, sorry to see you go...I came to this blog but I appreciate it nonetheless

John Powers said...

Thank you for this blog. It opened my eyes in new ways to Orokie's art. Be well.

Nick said...

Hi, I echo what the others have said. I was privileged to have intermittent direct communication with Orokie for a short time earlier this year and when he disappeared I did email him again but no response. Where is the orginal place you mentioned for his works, please?

Afriboy said...

Nick, to answer your question. Some posts were removed recently. I did not know if they might offend blogger: quite a few "gay" blogs have come under criticism. I have made all posts their place...on the blog.

Nick said...


daudi said...

am filled with sadness to read this post ...
sadness to lose Orokie and his dance
sadness to lose also you Orokie's friend ataro92
sadness to not learn more of new insights
which both of you have shared with us
i hope still to have Orokie return
i hope still that ataro92 will stay too ... maybe write your own thoughts and views
you have been welcome in this heart
our hearts
always welcome
karibu tena

Afriboy said...

Dear SEA, I have read what you say and appreciate all your points. (I did send you an email, but you did not reply. That was a pity).

Thegayte-keeper, thank you too for your words. I respect your literate and reflective blog.

John Powers, thank you for your voice on this blog. Do keep writing yours, your spirit and humility need to stay.

Nick, I am pleased you had email contact with Orokie. Sorry for confusing you with my post.

Daudi, hello, Orokie spoke of you to me. You make my decision hard.

novofred said...

I really want to thank you for this blog. I would be glad if you can keep it but I understand your decision.
I wish you all the best and I hope Orokie will come back

Afriboy said...

Hello, novofred. I too wish Orokie would come back...wish I knew what has happened.

Orokie's blog editor. said...

I now receive the message that Orokie's Afriboy email account no longer exists, which means that this blog can no longer be accessed.

Grinder said...


I really thank you Orokie's friend for keeping this blog open for so long.

I take what's going on in his home of Kenya is part of what's bothering him. i don't really know.

All I know is that he produced great art. erotic provoking, thoughtful, and filled with substance and a little humor.

Wherever he is I hope he keeps creating. And I hope this blog stays open for viewing at least.

However I respect your wishes to close it.

Orokie's blog editor said...

The blog will stay open for viewing, Grinder, as it cannot be accessed. Perhaps, that is as it should be.

Eshuneutics said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Orokie's blog editor said...

Grinder, thank you for reading and the interest you have shown. Good luck with your personal blog.

social Entrepreneurship Africa said...


I am sorry maybe the email might have bypassed my eyes. I replied to your email but seems you could have written another.

I will read it and write to you asap. However, my heart is with you for the energy and enthusiasm that characterised this blog.

And I hope Orokie is somewhere taking a rest and will be back. I do Orokie comes back. And I do hope that this blog lives on!

social Entrepreneurship Africa said...


I just replied to your email. Kindly let us keep communicating.

social Entrepreneurship Africa said...

What if all bloggers close in kenya and Uganda posted something about Orokie in their blog urging people to help.

I just did

Rinaldo Hopf said...

hi, my name is Rinaldo Hopf, i am the art editor of the German anthology "My gay Eye" a book that includes both texts and images by international artists and writers.. we are just editing our upcoming issue. i would love to include some of AFRIBOYS work!!!! is there any way to do this? i understand there is no possibility of contacting the artist directely? i would appreciate any kind of help! thanks, Rinaldo